Traditional Seaside Entertainment

Fairground Rides

A trip to the seaside wouldn't be quite the same without a ride or two. From gentle merry-go-rounds to high speed thrills and spills we've listed some of the most popular amusement parks in English and Welsh seaside resorts...

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Punch & Judy

A traditional part of the British seaside experience, the Punch and Judy show is great entertainment for kids of all ages. Mr Punch, crocodiles & sausages are just a few of the regulars and are amongst the most memorable seaside experiences for youngsters.

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The Bandstand

A distinctive feature of the traditional promenade, the bandstand survives today in many seaside towns with active programmes of entertainment throughout the summer months. So grab and ice cream and pull up a deckchair...

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Pantomime Season

No winter season would be complete without a family visit to the panto and there are still some great traditional seaside theatres to make for a great mini-break by the sea.

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