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Seaside Attraction Listing Application

We are happy to provide links for genuine seaside attractions only and the link request will be personally reviewed to check both suitability and the location which should be within approx 10 miles the nearest listed seaside town. Please do not use this form to submit details of accommodation (see accomodation listing pages >>).

Before completing this form it would be helpful if you could have an electronic copy of your logo and a photograph ready as we will request it by email... more information on images.

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PLEASE NOTE: In submitting this form you agree that we may extract a logo and photo as required from your web site or that we may use the attached files for the purpose of linking to your web site. We reserve the right to edit the descriptions given and you agree that you are aware we give no guarantee as to inclusion or ultimate position on the listing.

If you do not have a web site but would still like to be included please post a colour leaflet or brochure to:

Lea Bailey